Online Counseling in Illinois and Tennessee

Traffic, family obligations, work demands, inclement weather and the general busy-ness of life do not have to prevent you from reaping the full benefits of therapy!

I offer video sessions through a completely secure and confidential, HIPPA-compliant video conferencing portal. I work with some clients exclusively online; and with others, I utilize online counseling as a way of maintaining continuity in our in-person work. I am licensed in Illinois and Tennessee and can work with anyone within those states online.

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Questions about Online Counseling

What are the benefits of online counseling?

Online counseling removes a significant barrier for many people to attending psychotherapy- namely, that of getting to a physical office each week. Online sessions also allow me to be more available in scheduling, thus providing greater flexibility for you.

If you fall into one of the following categories, online therapy might be a great option for you:

  • Travel frequently for work

  • New mom with difficulty securing childcare

  • Living far from my office locations but wondering if I still might be a good fit for you

  • Injury or chronic illness that prevents you from getting to a physical office location consistently

Are there any drawbacks to online counseling?

Some people worry that something will be lost when participating in therapy online, such as the ability to meaningfully process nonverbal communication between the therapist and client. There are very effective ways of minimizing the impact of being separated by a computer. One is to use an excellent online platform (not Skype- see below) that improves the quality of the video connection so that nuances are noticed. Another is by finding a therapist who is adept at using this technology to do meaningful and effective work. I have completed training specific to online therapy so I can guide clients through this process.  I am committed to making the use of online therapy as easy as possible, so the focus remains not on the technology, but on the therapy experience itself. 

Another concern is about the privacy of information when participating in online therapy. When providing online counseling, I use a HIPPA-compliant, encrypted video conferencing platform that is easy to use and highly secure.

Skype is awkward! How does this work?

Yes it is! I don't use Skype. I provide therapy through, which is a HIPPA-compliant, encrypted and highly user-friendly telemedicine platform. was developed to work smoothly even with the slowest of internet connections, so the "feel" of it is much more natural than Skype. You don't have to download anything or have an account, you simply check in through your internet browser at the time of your session using the link I will send you. You can also “hide” the screen image of yourself so that you are not distracted by feeling self-conscious (something I also do during every session so I can focus on you).

Does insurance cover online counseling?

At this time, some insurance companies do cover online psychotherapy and others do not. In my practice, fees and insurance information are the same for online counseling as for in-person services. For more information about insurance and fees, please click here.

Please contact me to learn more about these options.