Change Starts Here.

Let’s start with you. You have landed here, looking for therapy, because you want your life to change in some important ways. You want better relationships, more peace, more self-confidence, or more clarity. You want to stop overthinking and getting in your own way. You want to act from a place of resilience rather than reactivity when life throws its inevitable curve balls. Or let’s be honest- to just be able to cope when life downright sucks.

Where I Come In


Jennifer Avila, LCSW

My first qualification- I’m in the muck of being human with you and I’ve been through my own share of pain and growth. That’s not the focus of our work, but it is an essential backdrop to walking this journey with you.

More importantly, I’ve been there with all kinds of people and I’ve seen them come through their hardships to thrive. I will fervently (even stubbornly) hold hope for you. I have seen the approaches that I use bring emotional healing. I’ve witnessed the awe-inspiring possibilities the come into focus when my expertise and a client’s readiness to grow join forces. It’s amazing.

Sometimes it’s mundane, sometimes it’s ground-breaking. Often, it’s slow and involves the discomfort of confronting fear and darkness. But always- it’s amazing.

Let’s Team Up

I work with clients at my office in Brentwood, Tennessee, and through online video conferencing sessions for clients anywhere in Tennessee and Illinois. Sometimes we do a mix of both in person and online sessions, depending on what works for your life. Getting to an office shouldn’t prevent anyone from getting excellent support.

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You don’t need to wait to start feeling better. When you’re ready to heal, I’m ready to help.

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