Jennifer Avila, LCSW

You might be here, considering counseling, because you are feeling overwhelmed, unstable, devastated, disillusioned or hopeless. You might feel like you have exhausted all your usual strategies for coping or you’ve noticed that your strategies for coping have somehow begun to actually make matters worse.

But. I also know this about you- you are hopeful.

You might not believe me, but you are at least a little hopeful- because you are taking the courageous and powerful step to consider asking for help. You are willing to reflect on your thoughts, feelings and behaviors and consider that there might be a different way. Avoiding it all is easier, but you know that isn’t working any more, and you’re ready to heal and grow. I admire that about you.

I see my job as working together to grow that hope, until it is an unquenchable fire within you, bringing you a vibrant life, meaningful relationships and a sense of purpose about the unique person that you are.

I am a therapist and a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. My focus over the course of my career in many different settings has been helping individuals, couples and families overcome stress and live deeply alive in the direction of their values. In conjunction with my professional expertise, I also practice with an awareness of simply being a fellow traveler alongside other human beings, facing the inevitable complexities, changes, pain and just downright difficulties of life.

People that thrive working with me are ready to tackle goals and are looking for the opportunity to put new skills discussed in therapy to work out in the "real world" in between sessions. If you are looking for a therapist with a direct approach that welcomes humor (and maybe even a little fun!) into the process, you will benefit from working with me. Clients and colleagues describe me as motivational, warm, empathic, gently challenging and creative.

My practice is located in Brentwood, TN- in Cool Springs, with easy access to Brentwood, Nashville and Franklin. I also serve clients anywhere in Illinois or Tennessee through the convenience of online sessions.

My Approach

Throughout the course of providing therapy, I have spent time deeply immersed in several different therapy approaches. As a result, I love the reward of bringing together whatever tools I have at my disposal and seeing my clients thrive.

I most often utilize components of the following therapy approaches in which I am specifically trained:

I have also completed training in the following modalities:

Education and Credentials

  • Masters in clinical social work, University of Chicago School of Social Service Administration

  • Bachelors in philosophy, University of California, Santa Barbara

  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker (149.017.483), State of Illinois

  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker (6866), State of Tennessee