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Take care of yourself so you and your business can both thrive

Being a self-starter comes with its own unique set of challenges. Dr. Michael Freeman, a psychiatrist who specializes in working with entreprenuers, suggests that almost 50% of entreprenuers have struggled with or are currently struggling with a mental health concern. Entrepreneurship almost seems to require that you ignore your own emotional and physical health needs on behalf of the business.

I specialize in working with professionals and entrepreneurs to reduce anxiety, foster emotional wellness, nurture relationships and increase self-care. It IS possible to have a thriving business and a healthy life, at the same time. Finding a professional counselor who understands the specific experience of being a self-starter, a boss, a leader and/or a visionary can help you conquer what’s holding you back and move forward from a place of emotional clarity.

My clients are hard workers; risk-takers; DO-ers- who “have it all together”, or so it might look to those on the outside. But underneath what sometimes feels like a facade, they are aware that there is a deeper story. Thoughts and feelings keep showing up that are unwelcome, distracting and downright self-critical. They have tried to ignore them, drown them out or just work harder to make them go away, but they just keep coming back. 

What’s Getting in Your Way?

In my experience supporting entrepreneurs toward optimal mental and emotional health, I’ve noticed some trends that make the journey of a self-starter a particularly vulnerable one.

  • Grueling hours and work conditions (sometimes self-imposed, sometimes necessary)

  • Social isolation (feeling that those in your life who aren’t entreprenuers don’t get it, and you don’t want to let others in your industry know you’re suffering in case it looks badly for your company)

  • Image management- the feeling that if you don’t look like you have it all together, how will your business succeed?

  • Over-identification with the success of your business (when the status of your success/ROI/sales/you name the metric, from minute-to-minute, defines your self-worth and value as a person).

Maybe you feel like your emotions are keeping you from being present and attending to what you really want out of life or work. Maybe anxiety is keeping you from having a well-deserved, healthy sense of satisfaction with what you bring to the world. Maybe you have taken a huge risk in starting a business or a new venture, and you’re proud of yourself for that, but your fears of failing threaten to keep you from enjoying the process. Or maybe even keep you from wanting to continue.

No amount of professional success has managed to silence the worries, self-criticism and the fear that you might never be, or accomplish, “enough”.

Why Work With Me?

I have the utmost admiration for people who are willing to take a giant leap and start something on their own. I love helping professionals and entreprenuers overcome anxiety, confusion and self-doubt. I’m action-oriented and direct. We will focus on not just how you’d like to feel better when you are finished with therapy, but on how you’d like your life to BE better. I will not just be sitting back listening- I will be actively partnering with you to get your mind and your heart where you want them to be.

I frequently give clients “homework” to do in between sessions and I believe this is where the real change happens. I work with clients who are motivated for things to change and ready to put some real effort into themselves and their futures. If you’re an entrepreneur, chances are that you’re already that kind of person. You just need some direction to bring your focus and your creative solutions to your own well-being.

Let’s Get Started

If this is you, I want you to know that there is hope. I have helped many entreprenuers and professionals find their way out of self-criticism, worry and self-doubt and into confidence and self-compassion and I’d love to talk about how I can support you.