Pregnancy, Postpartum and Parenting Concerns

Supporting You to Thrive on the Journey of Parenting


Pregnancy and new parenthood is one of the most life changing experiences imaginable. In some ways you get home with this little human and nothing has changed. But everything has. If you are feeling like more emotions are crammed into your head and heart at once than you ever thought possible, you are not alone. It is not unusual to feel excited, joyful, throbbing with love- and scared out of your mind, hazy, irritable and full of grief for the life you used to have- all at the same time. Even if this is not your first baby, the adjustment to this new phase of life can feel lonely and overwhelming.

I work with men and women at various points in their journey toward and through parenthood. I specialize in postpartum mood and anxiety disorders, pregnancy concerns, relationships affected by the addition of children and issues of fatherhood.


Navigating New Parent Life

While you might be tempted to minimize the cataclysm of this shift, make no mistake about it- life is forever changed. New parent life can be disorienting and discouraging.  Maybe:

  • You feel anxious or panicky about your ability to take care of this baby, or you are afraid of how you might screw things up.

  • You are so tired that you can’t imagine how you are going to continue taking care of yourself and your baby at the same time.

  • Everyone around you seems to have an opinion about how to care for your baby and you are trying to find your own way as a parent.

  • You miss the life it seems you have left behind- a life of meaningful relationships, free time, connection with your spouse and career success.

  • You don’t recognize your body and/or your mind. Your body is so strong (yet somehow feels so weak at the same time), so tired and so hungry and your mind might feel like mush as you try to navigate meeting a baby’s needs as well as your own.

  • You are having conflict with your partner and are unsure how to resolve it under the stressful circumstances of adjusting to this “new normal”. You might feel particularly irritable, angry and resentful in your relationship.

Feel Like Yourself Again

There is no place for shame about experiencing one or all of the above emotions. You are human and you are undertaking one of life’s most epic adventures.

In my practice, I help men and women acknowledge with honesty and compassion how they are experiencing parenthood. I provide concrete tools for managing difficult emotions and for adopting realistic (and more freeing) expectations for ourselves and our children. I will guide you toward making a plan to take care of yourself, to live in alignment with your values and as a result, we will work together to find a way toward presence and joy in your new life with baby.