Helping professionals move from feeling stuck, confused, and worried... to experiencing peace, confidence and self-compassion.

Helping new parents move from feeling inadequate, overwhelmed and isolated…to finding joy in parenting, support from others and groundedness in their new identity.



You have probably landed here because you want your life to change in some big ways. You want better relationships, more peace, more self-confidence, or more clarity. I want you to know this is totally possible. I can help.

Located in downtown Chicago, and now offering online appointments through telehealth, my practice provides expertise in supporting new parents and professionals (emerging, mid-career and executive level).  I help new parents overcome self-doubt, perfectionism, exhaustion and isolation so they can feel grounded and supported. I help professionals clarify values and take action- so they can pursue meaningful career goals, reduce anxiety, set healthy limits with others and enjoy thriving, solid relationships.

I also provide clinical counseling from a Christian perspective for clients that request this. Within each of these services, I am able to offer online counseling, especially useful for new moms and other individuals whose schedules make it difficult to attend in-person sessions. 

Jennifer Avila, LCSW