What People Are Saying About Working With Jenny


Client Stories*

“Being able to come here each week and get my feelings out in the open has been the best experience. I am learning how to be kind to myself and accepting of my feelings.”


“Jenny tapped into things that previous therapy didn’t address. I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I don’t have to be in control of every situation; I can be free.”


“I felt trapped in my work situation. Jenny helped me identify what was in my control and helped me feel empowered to change it.”


"Jenny gave me tools for finding my purpose as a mom and accepting love from others. I feel so much less overwhelmed and way more supported.”


“Jenny encouraged me to slow down and pushed me (in a good way) to grieve in the way that I needed. I am confident and capable to create my own future”.

*Names and details excluded to protect client confidentiality



Praise from Professionals

"Jenny is the perfect clinician for those clients looking for a positive, empathic, but also challenging, force to partner with as they take brave steps toward their goals. Jenny has the expectation that her clients can and will make the strides they are hoping for, and helps to foster this confidence in her clients."

- Glynn Fitzer, LCSW


"I would highly recommend Jenny to anyone who wants to make lasting and positive changes in their lives. Jenny is at once kind and direct; she communicates clearly and offers her support and validation without hesitation. She is reflective and thoughtful as she considers her clients and their goals. It is clear Jenny is passionate about therapy and helping others. I trained with Jenny and often refer clients to her practice."

- Lela Saffle, LCSW


"I would highly recommend Jennifer Avila to anyone looking for a warm, caring, and skilled therapist. Jenny has a demeanor and style that makes clients feel comfortable and creates a positive environment for change. It is very clear that she has a lot of experience and uses very effective strategies to help her clients achieve their goals. Jenny was my clinical supervisor in a previous job and, as a fellow professional, I will undoubtedly refer clients to her practice."

- Hallie Rosenthal, MSW