Change the Conversation You Have With Yourself

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We Start Where You Are

Maybe you…

  • Focus more on your failures than your successes

  • Wonder how you ended up where you are at this point in your life- it’s nothing like you expected

  • Question your life decisions and if you really have what it takes to thrive

  • Believe that if other people really knew what was going on inside your head they wouldn’t be able to relate

  • Find yourself devastated by even the most mild criticism because it makes you question your self-worth

  • Cope by [binge-watching Netflix ... isolating yourself from other people... saying yes to things you resent just to please others... numbing your difficult emotions]... because the onslaught of these thoughts becomes so overwhelming that you just want to escape.

We Map a Path to Peace and Confidence

Together, we will...

  • Identify your goals

  • Discover the thoughts, emotions and memories that are keeping you stuck

  • Reflect on your past and how it impacts your current struggles

  • Practice skills for managing difficult emotions

  • Focus on your strengths

  • Keep going until you get where you want to be

How I Help

I believe that everyone, no matter what messages their mind gives them, no matter their background or circumstances, has the potential to experience a courageous, connected life and to reach their full potential. We do not have a choice about many of these things, but we ALWAYS have a choice about how we respond and whether we show up for ourselves and the people we love.

My commitment is to help you feel comfortable, heard and supported as you explore those unique challenges that may be getting in your way. I believe that our deepest struggles (unwanted though they are) hold some of the most powerful opportunities for growth and connection with others. 

If you are looking for a therapist who is passionate about hearing your story and cheering you on, I would be honored to provide that for you. I work with courageous people who care about leaning into risk (even just allowing yourself to feel your feelings can feel risky!) and who are open to surprising themselves with what they are capable of.

My clients appreciate my direct approach that welcomes humor into the process. People most often describe me as motivational, warm, empathic, gently challenging and creative. I am especially passionate about helping people who might be new to counseling feel comfortable and experience the benefits of having a neutral third party to relate to about life's challenges.

In my free time, I can be found on my bike, absorbed in a good book or taking advantage of every opportunity to enjoy the outdoors (as much as possible in Chicago!). I strive to be fully alive to each day exactly as it is, and I hope you will join me in pursuing that challenge in your own life.

Education and Credentials:

  • Masters in clinical social work, University of Chicago School of Social Service Administration
  • Bachelors in philosophy, University of California, Santa Barbara
  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker (149.017.483), State of Illinois
  • Certificate in Perinatal Mood Disorders, Postpartum Support International

Professional Experience:

  • Outpatient behavioral health therapist at Presence Health and Advocate Healthcare
  • Crisis therapist at Community Counseling Centers of Chicago
  • Clinical internship in Outpatient Mental Health at Northwestern Memorial Hospital
  • Campus ministry staff, University of Connecticut

Treatment Approaches

My approach to therapy is individually tailored. I most often utilize components of the following therapy approaches in which I am specifically trained (you can click through these links if you’d like to learn more about the approaches):